Grace Children’s Therapy offers a specialist program to assist families with conquering paediatric feeding struggles to nourish health futures. The program specifically targets children that are either picky eaters or problem feeders.

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Working in collaboration with caregivers, the SOS Approach (The Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding) is used to join with families and enable parents to become the experts of their children with guidance and expert knowledge from a therapy team.

Eating isn’t as simple as placing a plate of food in front of a child and expecting them to eat. Eating is a learned skill and can be quite emotional or traumatic for some children.

Grace Children’s Therapy aim to assist families in the following ways:

  • Provide education and knowledge around feeding difficulties and strategies to overcomestruggles faced daily.
  • Advocate for children in understanding the emotional and traumatic triggers associated with feeding and the possible discomfort felt by the child.
  • Develop the child’s oral, sensory, motor, cognitive and emotional milestones to feeding.
  • Provide treatment through a structured feeding program designed to develop your child’s hierarchy of skills, behaviour around food that are new and familiar and foster a collaborative approach to care.
  • Support caregivers with resources and information to equip them in becoming the feeding expert for their child.

my-feeding-clinicThe SOS Approach to Feeding program is an effective way to address problematic feeding bahaviours. Caregivers and parents of children who will not eat are faced with difficult and often puzzling challenges.

The interplay between weight gain, nutrition and a child’s experience with food is often complicated and there is rarely an easy solution when a feeding problem arises. The SOS Approach considers the child as a “whole” and looks at the organ systems, muscles, general development, sensory concerns, oral-motor skills, behaviour, cognition and nutrition as well as the considers the environmental factors impacting on mealtimes.

Grace Children’s Therapy focuses on increasing the child’s comfort level by allowing them time to explore food and discover the many different properties of food and allows the child to interact with food in a playful and non-stressful way.

Find out more about the program by downloading these sheets or signing up to our 12 tips to improving feeding problems:

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